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Database integration checks

I’d like to gather here all the general SQL queries that would help to verify that the integrity of a SBO database is correct. Taken from 1076082 – UDT & UDF related issues: –1) UDT is defined but does not exist. select TableName from OUTB where not exists (select 1 …

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B1 Service Layer: How to enable CORS

We have already published serveral blogs talking about SAP Business One version for SAP HANA new Service Layer oData interface: B1 Service Layer with JavaScript – Handling B1 Objects without .Net (nor DI API) How to bind SAP Business One Apps on HANA to Tables and Views? In this blog …

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Matrix revisited

A question was asked some time ago regarding the layout of the Matrix object. While we all use the object in its usual form (Layout = 0), which is a regular tabular “grid”, like the following example: But, by changing the Layout (1 or 2), the exact same Matrix will …

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Know the System!

Hi All, I started my career as the head developer for a major partner here in Canada. The biggest hurdle I had when starting out was not “learning how to use the SDK objects” (although that was hard enough since it was full bugs back then. No the biggest challenge …

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applying c# extension methods to sdk classes

hello all, i found particularly useful to extend sap b1 sdk objects with custom static methods to simplify and generalize common operations which need the same boring instructions to perform some basic tasks. for example: we have to set a particular cell value in a matrix instead of writing every …

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Checking technical changes from PL to PL

Some years ago (more than 8) when I started developing for SAP Business One, like anybody else, I immediately encountered the difficulty of having my programs to keep running on the new releases (PL) of the ERP. Issue was not only because of functional changes Inside the API, but also …

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