SAP ASE – HADR Enablement

SAP ASE HADR – A Case Study

A few months back, we implemented ASE HADR (Always-on option) in our environment. So I thought of sharing my experience (learning/do’s/don’t) through this blog to the wider community so that it can be useful for someone who is planning to implement HADR feature of SAP ASE. (A) Background of our environment: Application environment: Frontend – Non-SAP J2EE based front-end Backend – Sybase ASE Source data servers: 3 ASE Servers with separate …

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SAP ASE Always-On Replication / Combining HA and DR – Best of both worlds

A WISE MAN once said “the true test of a great software product is what it does when nobody is watching”; enter SAP’s Always-On HADR. SAP is breathing new life into its HADR solution via much anticipated mods to Adaptive Server Enterprise and Replication Server. I recently performed some real world testing of Always-On. The recent introduction of SAP’s Always-On HADR solution, (licensed) feature of Adaptive Server Enterprise, will have former …

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