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Interface Variants with AIF

Introduction and Use Case You might have already experienced a situation in which you have to make slight changes to the customizing of an existing interface in AIF. Examples for such situations are: Your interfaces are defined globally. However, in certain scenarios the processing of a message needs to be …

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SAP AIF – Outbound Functions

In continuation of the previous( SAP AIF- Simple Outbound ScenarioPart-2), here I’ll be using two functions in report to trigger the data and route data to XI/PI using AIF. This can be helpful for the beginners in SAP AIF. Here we will be selecting the below function. AIF/SEND_WITH_PROXY_CORE AIF/SEND2XI             AIF/SEND_WITH_PROXY     …

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SAP AIF – Simple Inbound Scenario – Part-2

Part 1,SAP AIF – Simple Inbound Scenario- Part-1, we have completed the basic steps for SAP PI , Here we will be dealing with steps involved in  SAP ECC box . Go to SPROXY, generate and activate the Service Interface.                                               SAP ECC T-Code SPROXY – Activate the Service interface …

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AIF field mapping for nested structure

Requirement: To map child level field in a nested structure in AIF. Source field: StreetPostalCode   –> (/Supplier/AddressInformation/Address/PhysicalAddress/StreetPostalCode) Target field:  RegionName          –> (/Supplier/AddressInformation/Address/PhysicalAddress/RegionName) Solution: Step 1: Root level structure mapping. Assign “Supplier” as the source and target structure. The next segment in the target structure after Supplier is “AddressInformation”. So, select …

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