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SAP API Management, cloud edition

Develop and manage microservice APIs using Spring Cloud (Netflix OSS) on SAP Cloud Platform

The post would demonstrate the creation of Micro-service for Comment-as-a-micro service scenario, using the Spring Cloud – making use of ZUUL gateway, Eureka server , Hystrix Circuit Breaker Springboot application Deploy the micro service on Cloud Foundry in SAP Cloud Platform.Use SAP Cloud Platform API Management to secure, publish,analyse and monetize APIs and micro …

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SAP API Management on Trial : Temporary issue accessing Developer Portal Application

UPDATE : The issue has now been fixed. You should get your state restored on Developer Portal by visiting the ‘Register’ tab. In case you still see the link to ‘Register’ , enter the details and submit. You will get your access back with all your data intact. ———————————————————————————————————————————— If …

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Blog Series – API Governance: Part1: Monitoring and Governing 3rd Party APIs using SAP API Management

App Development is going through a tremendous transformation. More and more capabilities – such as messaging (e.g. 46elks, Twilio), emails (e.g. SendGrid, MailChimp), location services (HERE maps, Google Maps) etc. are being consumed as cloud-based services through APIs to accelerate application development. As enterprises depend on 3rd party APIs for …

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