NW Java Developer Studio (NWDS)

Why you should upgrade PI/PO to 7.5

Hi all, This post is probably not going highlight much that you didn’t already know. But since I have been coding some java mapping in the past couple of days, I have had opportunity to take a closer look at the latest Netweaver Developer Studio (NWCESP07P0), which also gave me the answer to a very relevant question: Why upgrade PI/PO to 7.5? Well, one simple answer is: JAVA 8! But …

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Rapid Static Java Source Code Analysis with JLin in NWDS

Intro This blog contains brief outlook on a tool named JLin, that is embedded in SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio and used for static Java source code analysis. There are customers who actively use JLin during development and source code early quality assurance phase, but there are others who don’t have JLin in their development toolbox – together with that, lack of SCN discussions regarding usage of JLin for source code …

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