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A Buffet of Bounty: Lessons from Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas!  Some go for the gambling, some for the shows, some for the spas, almost all will agree that the buffets are a true oasis.  My particular favorites are at the Wynn and the Bellagio, though really I’ve never met a Vegas buffet I didn’t like.    Many of …

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Confessions of a Fake Football Fan

Photo by Nightthree This past week brought me a roller coaster of emotions.  First – elation!  I began tweeting about our upcoming energy seminar near Birmingham, Alabama, in the United States.  I was thrilled when the “#Alabama” hashtag I was using began trending almost immediately (meaning people were EXCITED!). Next …

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What is required for a healthy environment for innovation?

This question was addressed by our own SAP’s Marty Mrugal joined by industry leaders in Boeing, Caterpillar, Phillips Healthcare and the US Advanced Manufacturing Partnership at MIT’s Leaders for Global Operations Panel.  They discussed how the three ecosystems of the manufacturing (inner circle below), industrial (next outer circle), and global …

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Think Inside the Box to Run Like Never Before

I look forward to reading Adam Savage’s column in the Wired Magazine every month. One, in particular, got my attention. In  “Think Inside the Box – There’s no point in having the tools for the job if you can’t find them quickly” he talks about the challenges of not having …

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Invitation to the XStep Café

Dear manufacturing community, To spread the know how about PI Sheets and XSteps I would like to establish a regular and informal web meeting to discuss topics around ERP-based manufacturing using PI sheets (PP-PI) or the newly introduced electronic work instructions for PP. Both objects can be defined by XSteps …

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PI Sheet Productivity Tools

PI Sheets in PP-PI offer a lot of functionality to streamline a manufacturing process in SAP ERP. During my time in consulting I realized that it is essential that project team members have a common understanding on what these PI Sheets look like and what they are suposed to do. …

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