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MAN Production Planning (PP)

Planning interchangeable materials in MRP Live

As I mentioned in my previous blog https://blogs.sap.com/2017/03/24/industry-solution-functionalities-available-in-standard-s4-hana/ , several functionalities that were restricted to industry solutions are now available in S/4 HANA. One of the most useful of those functionalities is the interchangeability of parts, that was restricted to the IS-ADEC industry solution in the past, and that can now …

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Production Planning in a cross plant set-up

Hello everyone, This document explains the steps required to configure a system for Production planning in a cross plant set-up. It has been observed that many members post questions with a bit of variation regarding this scenario. Hopefully this blog will address any current and future queries regarding this topic. Scenario: …

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MRP and Safety Stock in SAP PP

Excerpt from the book Production Planning and Control with SAP ERP by Jawad Akhtar. Used with permission of SAP PRESS. All rights reserved. Summary: This blog explains how the safety stock availability in SAP PP can be used in net requirements calculations and also the selection method that the system …

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MRP on SAP S/4 HANA: Insight to Action

Material Requirement planning key process in production to maintain optimized level of inventory while producing the product at expected timeline and cost. SAP has versatile Material requirement planning tool which has served as most useful for years. Increasing inventory cost improved computing capability brings the expectation of further improvement of …

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Difference in COGI and CO1P

I have been searching and reading all the documents regarding COGI and CO1P, to know why some goods movements are held in COGI, while some in CO1P. I would like to share my knowledge on where I started and ended in learning about these transactions. Hope this document will be …

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How to create planned orders/purchase requisitions/production orders directly when sales orders are created without running MRP

Sometimes, it is required in business that the planned orders/purchase requisitions/production orders can be created in transaction code VA01 directly when sales orders are created without running MRP for the sales orders. This can be realized through one of the solutions below. Solution 1: Automatic planning A purchase requisition is …

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