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How to do SRM UI Customization

In this blog I am going to describe how we can replace the standard Service data with custom Service data for SRM Applications. Below is the screen shot which is contain standard service data, To replace this standard data with custom data , we have to follow below steps. 1) …

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InformationWeek: ‘The Insiders: A Rogues Gallery’

InformationWeek’s offering for the “information security community” has recently published a commentary by Mike Tierney identifiying “The Insiders: A Rogues Gallery“, thought to help organiziations spot and prevent potential threats to their data integrity. Tierney identifies three categories into which potential security threats fall: external threats posing as internals, e.g. …

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Why Cyberwords are Misleading

For describing the misuse of the internet, words starting with “cyber…”, like cyberwar, cybertheft, cybermobbing, are commonly used. Normally people then mean attacks through the internet, possibly by hackers. The prefix “Cyber-” probably became popular in the 1980s when Ronald Reagan started the Strategic Defense Initiative, which made a “cyberwar” …

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Security is Key Trend in IT

If you browse the UI Logging SCN space then IT security is probably already an important matter to you. But did you know that security is ranked number three in this year’s most relevant IT trends? … needless to say that UI Logging and UI Masking deliver powerful features to …

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Welcome to the UI logging SCN space!

UI logging provides features for logging of SAP access through the most relevant SAP UI and interface technologies (SAP GUI, Web Dynpro, RFC and many more). It complements existing security features by logging of what a user has seen and entered on an SAP frontend. One of its most relevant …

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