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Implementation Methodologies

Splitting ASCS from PAS

After we had completed an upgrade, a decision was made to separate the message server and enqueue (ASCS) from the PAS.  If this had been a new installation of SAP NetWeaver 7.0x and higher rather than an upgrade, this would already have been done during the installation.   If SAP …

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Don’t Keep SAP Activate a Secret, Invite Your Colleagues!

SAP Activate is the leading methodology for project implementations for partners, system integrators, and customers. SAP Activate is highly acclaimed due to the simplified processes, easy to follow templates, Agile methodologies, time and cost saving accelerators, and guided step-by-step approaches. All of these elements combined, help customers and project teams implement a successful go-live and reach …

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Core concepts that leads to a successful SAP project

I have discussed usage of Architecture Development Method and its importance in SAP project in my previous blogs if you would like to read them please click links below. https://blogs.sap.com/2016/10/18/role-architecture-development-method-adm-sap-projects-part-1/ https://blogs.sap.com/2016/10/18/role-architecture-development-method-adm-sap-projects-part-2/ Continuing on the same dialog I will be providing some importance of core concepts which make a SAP project …

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Story of being a Scrum Master – Part II

Second Milestone Continuous Deployment After the first month was over I recognized that the project lacked consistent processes. Besides a Scrum Framework skeleton, which was maintained to the existing standards of the department – thus without the claim to grow agility in the project or surrounding organization –, only a …

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Estimating the shape of agile teams

How Scrum may grow From management perspective it is fairly easy to scale Scrum alongside the pure “scale” dimension, of growing the number of teams, or the “distribution” dimension, number of different geographic locations. Just put up new teams, either in a department or distributed, call them Scrum teams and …

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Tasks of a Scrum Master

Hello SAP Community, 🙂 In this post I want to try to sum up what else I am doing daily as Scrum Master for my team. (Infrastructural/project specific work not taken into account) When I asked the development team “what I should do for them”, they came up with three …

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