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SAP on IBM i Reference Architecture – Update 2017

Since many years, the SAP on IBM i Reference Architecture document is available to provide an overview over sample configurations and best practices when running SAP software on IBM i. It is the starting point for planning a complete new installation or enhancing existing systems for certain use cases, such …

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SAP on IBM i: Registration now open for the SAP on Power Summit DACH 2017 in Germany

Two weeks ago, we already informed you about the SAP on Power Summit DACH 2017, which will take place on November 7th and 8th at IBM in Böblingen, Germany (see https://blogs.sap.com/2017/09/07/sap-on-ibm-i-update-week-36-2017-save-the-date-for-the-sap-on-power-summit-dach-2017-in-germany/). In the meantime, the detailed agenda and the registration web page were made available at http://www.ibm.com/events/SAPonIBMPower2017. Register today to …

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Ad-Hoc SQL Statement Package Cleanup

Greetings fellow SAP on IBM i advocates, An SQL package, for those who may not already know, are caches the database uses to store data access plans (‘programs’) built for each SQL statement by the database optimizer and executed by the database access engine on behalf of requests from SAP application …

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SAP on IBM i – Update week 22, 2017: Updated Tools and Guides for Installation, System Copy/Rename, and Dual-Stack Split

The new version of the software provisioning manager, SWPM 1.0 Support Package 20, is now available for download: https://support.sap.com/en/tools/software-logistics-tools.html At the same time, the relevant guides for installation, system copy/rename, and dual-stack split have been updated. Note that, with the publication of SWPM 1.0 SP 20, we have removed the …

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SAP on IBM i – Update week 14, 2016 – Problems Starting the SAP Software Update Manager on IBM i and Mistakes Using QSH vs. QP2TERM

The “i” in platform name IBM i stays for “integrated”. Besides the traditional command line interface, there are many other software products, components and features, such as The relational SQL database DB2 for IBM i Hardware virtualization solutions and logical partitioning Internet server and services, e.g. IBM WebSphere or Apache …

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