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The ABAP Detective Presses On

Last time I popped my detective hat above the cubicle wall was 6 months or so ago, in the last episode called I Carry A Spool or How The ABAP Detective Found His LP. That was a software lifetime ago. Since then, I’ve been in one dark and dusty network tunnel …

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Useful ftp script for some daily transfers.

Useful ftp script to transfer files from SAP server daily to another file server. In my case I transferred daily audit logs from SAP ERP server to another file server. 1)Create a .netrc file under root user $HOME directory / .  There is sample netrc file under /usr/samples/tcpip/ . Register …

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AIX useful commands related to SAP

Devices commands: List all devices on a system #lsdev List all disk devices on a system (See next item for a list of classes) #lsdev -Cc disk List all customized (existing) device classes (-P for complete list) #lsdev -C -r class Remove hdisk5 #rmdev -dl hdisk5 Get device address of …

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To Find UNLINKED files

To Find UNLINKED files (Files that was removed but still holds space on filesystem) A while back i had the problem with a core file was deleted but the space on the OS was not released, I followed the following to procedure to clear the error Following command find the …

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Running cleanipc on AIX

The cleanipc command is used to clear the shared memeory occupied by the SAP system. Mostly, this command is used (by <sid>adm user) while restarting an SAP system. So, you stop the system using stopsap, run the cleanipc command to clear the memory and then start the system using startsap. …

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[SAP] R3trans error on AIX with async i/o

I have seen this situation while creating a new application server in a 6.40 system landscape on AIX 5L. The startup of the dialog instance failed, because of the database could not be reached. A closer look at the log files shows the following situation. shell> R3trans -dThis is R3trans …

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