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HCM (Human Capital Management)

Training Management LSO CW39/2016

Hi Guys,   Last week we released only one note in the area of LSO Training Management.   You might have experienced an issue with reports RHXQANF0_LSO/RHQANF00_LSO where Prerequisite qualification are not matched even though the course is completed and the participant has attained the qualification.   In order to …

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EC ERP Integration in a nutshell

SuccessFactors Employee central integration with SAP ERP HCM is core and comprehensive integration enabling customer to move to Employee central from ERP HCM without disruption and allowing seamless integration to core features such as payroll, time management and Organization management  . In this blog I will try to explain you …

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Market Rate Upload Utility

Concepts/Technical Whitepaper Authors of this document Piyush Agarwal, agarwal-piyush@hotmail.com/piyushag@in.ibm.com (SAP HCM Functional Consultant) Carol D’Sa, dsacarol@gmail.com/caroldsa@in.ibm.com (SAP HCM Technical Consultant) IBM India Pvt. Ltd., India. Purpose and Contents of this Whitepaper The basis for this whitepaper is a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) in the SAP HCM – Job Pricing Model. It was …

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For the love of SAP payroll

This is for the ones who find payroll interesting, but are not sure where to start. It’s also for the ones who find payroll intimidating and would rather steer clear! Either way, here’s my two cents on how to up your payroll game: Start with the fundamentals Leave SAP aside, …

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EEO-4 Upload

Hello, Does SAP provide a way to upload the EE0-4 report to a flat file. There are special reporting procedures to upload this form: “Submission of the EEO4 report as a computer printout, or on Datauploads is a Special Reporting Procedure (SRP) as provided for in Section 709(c) of Title …

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