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HCM (Human Capital Management)

Inval D Config

A scenario where certain wage types depend on other wage type and calculated value may be with in boundaries defined, or limits the calculated value; for this we are using INVAL D as indirect module and module variant differs as briefed below: INVAL  D   “ A “ Transport Allowance 2000 …

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Adding HRFORMS in Payroll Driver

Usually we access the HRFORMS payslip by the tcode HRFORMS after execution of the live payroll. In simulation mode the payslip we see is the PE51 payslip by SAP standard setting. The settings for the payslip in payroll driver  are customizable and can be change to HRFORMS payslip. Steps      …

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HR2014 Nice and discount code

May 21st to 23rd sees the SAP Insider HR2014 conference come to Nice on the sunny south France coast. The conference – like its North American counterpart – is the highlight of the SAP HCM and SuccessFactors calendar in Europe and sees itself co-hosted with sister conferences BI2014, GRC2014, Financials2014, …

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Capturing Changes in OM Infotypes

Changes to the OM infotypes can be retrieved using standard function module ‘RH_CDOC_READ’, but before using this function module, to ensure that the changes are logged in for OM infotypes, customization needs to be done using table through SM30. Below is the step-by-step procedure on what needs to be done …

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HCM Processes and Forms

HCM Processes and Forms (or P&F) is an SAP standard platform that let us implement almost any HCM process based on EP (Enterprise Portal) or NWBC (Netweaver Business Client). It is actually a generic and flexible platform to customize (and develop, if required) HCM processes and by that gives customers …

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