FIN General Ledger

Conversion of Line item managed accounts in to open item managed accounts

Hi All, I will try to explain the process of conversion of line item managed accounts in open item managed account . Problem: Team has to extract whole data and do manual clearing based on parameters and come up with open items as currently this accounts are line item managed. With the above problem, we can not go and directly change the account master data to open item management as …

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Tax Return in SAP

Hello SAPers! Here is an article that provides an overview of transaction S_ALR_87012357 – Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Pur. On the first glance, this is a standard and well-known transaction, but in my opinion there are a lot of aspects about it, which are not straight forward and deserve a good explanation. Besides, I plan a couple more posts on taxation-related issues, which would cover more technical issues, so I decided that this most …

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