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How to Get EPM Protection Password

In some cases it’s required to find the password used to protect sheets in EPM workbook. Not to remove, but to find the password string. This can be done with a simple VBA code. Create a new workbook, open VBA editor and insert a new module (Module1). Open Menu: Tools …

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EPM 10.1 OpenSpecificDocument

We have a “Custom Menu” which is an Excel spreadsheet that our users first see.  On this sheet are links to the various reports and input schedules that they use.  The links look like this: =EPMExecuteAPI(“OpenSpecificDocument”,”5 Year Comparison”,”/REPORTS/Current/5 Year Comparison.xltm”) If I open the report via the link above, a …

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EPM Sheet Protection and Offline Mode

**** Correction 18.07.2014 – Default password for Offline protection is “PASSWORD” The document below is based on EPM SP16 Patch 1. The documentation is sometimes confusing and I want to show some step by step examples of protecting sheet. Simple scenario: We create some simple EPM report on the worksheet …

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Static report in BPC NW 10

**** Updated on 18.12.2014 member selection **** Updated on 11.04.2014 EPM SP17 (Dynamic row axis, EPMDimensionOverride, Local Members) **** Updated on 18.03.2014 EPM SP16 patch 1   In BPC NW 7.5 finance users were able to create static report having some very basic knowledge about EVDRE. The only thing to …

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