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Creating Query Filter in Boomi for later use in a Process

Hi All, Today I am interested in telling you guys my observations and the scenario which I faced while doing one integration. The scenario which I faced: I want to filter the employees whose EmployeeId or personIdExternal is an integer. I want to filter while retrieving in the connector itself. I don’t want any of the employees who have their Id alphanumeric(for example test234,12testone etc.). Assume that you want only …

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Workaround to rename Org Structure in Active Directory using Dell Boomi middleware without LDAP connector

The good thing about Dell Boomi platform is that it has a native LDAP connector out of the box, which gives us a great opportunity to save time and investments in developing integration scenarios with MS Active Directory, for example.   The standard LDAP connector can Create and Update– User, Group and/or Assign a user to a group objects in Active Directory.   What it cannot do is to Modify …

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