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SAP FICO ABAP Interface (Iine Items/Balance in currency transaction) error resolved)

One of the most important aspect of SAP FICO is the posting of the documents.  Document postings can be done in several ways. When abapers use Interface or report program to post documents , they face many issues. Here I am discussing the solution of two of the most common issues for document postings  to the fico. Frist scenario is related to lines Items postings. The second scenario is related …

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RETRO PRICING or Revaluation Concept in SAP P2P

Overview Revaluation is the increase or decrease in Purchase price due to changing market demands. This function in Invoice Verification helps in the settlement of such price changes. We can also revaluate purchasing document items for invoices or credit memos in different currencies. Important indicators The GR-based IV field must be flagged in the purchase order item or scheduling agreement item. The Revaluation field must be flagged in the vendor master record. SAP provides  …

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