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ABAP Testing and Analysis

Explaining the explain plan

Before we start we should talk about some terms first. Explain plan: A tool or function provided by the DBMS (Database Management System) that makes an execution plan visible. Execution plan: A parsed, optimized, compiled and executable SQL statement stored in the so-called SQL cache of the database. Using the explain plan …

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ST12 – The workprocess trace

ST12 – tracing an already running program Imagine you started a program which runs longer then you expected. The program is still running and you wonder what the program is doing. This time we use ST12 to perform an ABAP and SQL Trace on a program that is currently running. …

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How to Measure Operations on Internal Tables

The efficient handling of internal tables is one of the most important performance factors in ABAP programs. Therefore it is essential to know the runtime behavior of internal table statements. This blog describes how to measure operations on internal tables and how to ensure that the measurement results are reliable. …

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Cooking and software efficiency

Do you cook? A nasty saying about developers is that they live mainly on fast food like take-out pizzas, take-out chop suey, or hot-dogs. Some people may argue that this is why software applications often lack efficiency. In this weblog I want to encourage developers to apply the rules of …

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Performance of Nested Loops

This BLOG is an expanded version of a post that I made to the ABAP forum a while ago. What I wanted to show was that the effect that when performance tuning, the effect of nested loops can be far worse than poorly constructed SELECT statements. I wrote a small …

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