It’s been a long time i have blogged on any topic, Feels good to be back again πŸ™‚ . Have been quiet busy in my new role for last around 2 years learning management, but the world of technology just keeps me high always. I had this quick learning while i was troubleshooting one of my colleague workflow issue.


We have a workflow in production where dynamic parallel processing is implemented.  It has two levels of approval where at each level we have multiple approvers. All approvers at a particular level gets the work item and anyone can approve it. These are maintained in a custom table because some complex business logic.


From last one month,  only one of the person was receiving the work item and rest does not as can be seen below. It was random


Step by Step Root Cause Investigation

  • First Check implementation of Dynamic Parallel processing. All looks fine.

First Check Dynamic implement.png

Second Check of Parallel.png

  • Second Check if their is any Programming exit interfering with work item creation-> Yes but it looks fine.

Program Exit.png

  • Workflow/Task Container everything looked fine. Next step was to check the Behavior in D box and Surprise was waiting πŸ™‚

Behvior in D.png

  • Thought of looking at Step History and Bingo had my first clue πŸ˜‰ . Who ever are the recipients the history contains all the details to whom work item has been sent as can be seen below.

D Step Hisory.png

  • Next step was obviously to check in issue and we had found the root cause. One of the agent maintained in custom table was not a dialog user and hence the overall process of forwarding the work item just stops.

final pic.png

Small Learning

  • In case we are using dynamic parallel processing we shall always make sure the agent has to be dialog one.
  • In one of the case the User validity has expired which was also interfering in forwarding of work items

I hope this small learning will help you in some way. Feel free to share your feedback


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