Analyse financial consolidation data with analytics cloud

Combine SAP Financial Consolidation on HANA with SAP Analytics Cloud to analyze your financial data in real-time.

Answer complicated questions in just a few clicks – with real-time business intelligence capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud. Our cloud BI tool can help you blend data from SAP Financial Consolidation, create compelling data visualizations, run ad hoc reporting, and more.

You can build insightful data visualizations, business intelligence dashboards, and storyboards based on your consolidated data that engage and inspire your audience. Create clear, compelling business communications with help from best practices and proven standards for design. Use visual navigation to filter and drill into your data. Focus on the data you’re interested in – and get quick answers to your business questions.

Watch this 3:11 video and see:

  • The reporting with SAP Financial Consolidation on HANA
  • The analysis of consolidated data with SAP Analytics Cloud
  • How BI can help you answer business questions through data visualizations

You can visit our SAP Help Portal to know more about SAP Financial Consolidation and SAP Analytics Cloud.

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