At SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid, I chatted with Mattias Bolander, head of analytics
for Nordics and Baltics for SAP.

Topics included:

  • The differences between analytics in different countries across the region:
    “Everybody is special, especially in the Nordics!”.
  • The region has a long history of success in telecommunications and a robust
    online infastructure , so mobile business intelligence is of particular
    interest, with examples such as TeliaSonera sales managers using mobile devices to show
    enterprise customers data about their telco usage.
  • Data discovery — the new SAP Visual Intelligence product has created what
    Mattias calls “the uncontrollable smile”.
  • Norway has a lot of oil, so are interested in using analytics to search for
    oil, and analyze trades.
  • Sweden has lots of manufacturing, with a tradition of quality engineering
    products, and companies are interested in using predictive analysis to figure
    out how much funding they need to support warranties on these products, even
    over long time periods.
  • Denmark has a lot of consumer goods – such as Carlsberg (“Beer like never
  • In the Baltics, these “new” countries have the ability to try extremely new
    things because they don’t have the mature infrastructures of their neighbors.
    Just don’t call them “curious people”!

Join Mattias and his team at the next round of SAP
Innovation Forums
across the region!

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