This post will clearly explain you how to add extra tabs in sales order or

standard transactions and display the tab name as the menu item in order to

access them through menu bar.

In this post let us see how to add additional tabs in sales

order header through BADI.


Implementation of BADI:

  1. First go to transaction SE18 and give the Enhancement spot name as

BADI_SD_SALES_BASIC and click on display button.

2. Next right click on BADI_SLS_HEAD_SCR_CUS and create BADI

implementation as in the below screen.


3. Then a pop up will be displayed to enter enhancement implementation

name, give a name and meaningful description as in the below screen.

4. Then upon clicking paper icon button to create implementation, another

popup will be displayed to create BADI implementation.

Give a badi name with meaningful description and give new implementing

class name and click ‘OK’ button.


5. Next below screen will be displayed. Then activate the

implementing class and enhancement.


6. After activating, the BADI implementation will be appeared as in below screen

7. Then in the method ‘ACTIVATE_TAB_PAGE’ of implementing class,

write the code as in the below screen.

Pass  tab name  to the field   ‘head_caption’, pass the module program

name to the field ‘head_program’ and to the field ‘head_dynpro’, pass the

screen number of module program. This will display the screen of module

program in the new tab of order header.

8. With this new tab will be displayed beside ‘Additional data B’ tab in the

order header.


Displaying the tab name in the menu bar:

In order to go to the new tab through menu bar like as we do it for other

existing tabs, we have to display the tab name as menu item. So, with this

menu item we can directly access the new tab.

  1. At first open the menu painter transaction se14,and give the

program name as ‘SAPMV45B’ and select status radio button and give

status as ‘U’, then click on change button.

2.  Next expand menu bar, double click on Go to->Header->Additional

Functions, add a new function code example ‘ZTAB’ with tab name

‘New tab’.

3. Then right click on the function code and click on activate to activate the

function code. Now save the status and activate it.

4. Now if you go to the transaction and see, in the menu bar in Go

to->Header->Additional Functions, you can see the new tab name you

have added.

Linking the menu item to the tab sub screen:

Now after displaying the tab name as menu item in the menu bar, we have to

link it with the function code in order to go to the tab sub screen through

menu bar.

1. For this go to the transaction VFBS, and give program name as

‘SAPMV45B’ and choose first radio button ‘Function codes’ and

click  on change button.

2. Next click on new entries and add new function code ‘ZTAB’ for

three transaction types Add (H), Change (V) and Display (A) and

save the data.

3.Next choose radio button ‘paths between processing locations’

and maintain an entry as below.

4.Next choose radio button processing locations and add new

function code ‘ZTAB’ with screen number 4002, and screen

module1 as ‘4012’(Header sub screen) and screen module2 as

‘4323’ (Tab sub screen) and save the data.

Screen 4323 is the sub screen container for badi


5. Finally in the standard include

‘MV45AF0F_FCODE_BEARBEITEN’, create an implicit enhancement and

write the logic to check if fcode equals to ‘ZTAB’ ( “new function code) then

assign the fcode with standard function code ‘K_CUS_BADI_1’ (function code

of header tab) and activate the enhancement. This code links new menu item

to the new tab added in the header .

With this you can go to your newly added tab through the

menu bar of the standard transaction. Similarly you can follow the same

approach for other standard transactions also.



I hope this post has provided you the sufficient knowledge to add new tabs in

the standard transaction and display the tab name in the menu bar to access

the tabs directly from menu.

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