When it comes to hiring, creatives can perhaps be one of the hardest to tackle. After all, with so many different types of artists, writers, and designers, it can be tough to gauge their skill level, as well as if their style will fit with your brand. Make no mistake, this is something numerous firms struggle with, leaving them with much higher turnovers rates as well as wasted time and money. However, with SAP’s SuccessFactors, this process can become a lot easier.

SuccessFactors can help you organize and onboard talent in a much more simple way, saving you a significant amount in the long run. That’s why I’m going to walk through a few helpful tips to make this process as seamless as possible. Check them out below:

Talent Can Be Found Much More Efficiently

One of the best features of SAP SuccessFactors is its ability to find and match with the best talent. Whether it be a localized search for someone from the Bay Area or going after a remote employee, the possibilities are endless. Additionally, you’re able to bring along someone that can fit the criteria you’re looking for regarding aesthetic and tone, as well as skill and ability level.

Your search can be narrowed down further by looking at the specific programs they have a knowledge base on, including things like PhotoShop, InDesign, and even web-design languages such as CSS and JavaScript. Yes, SuccessFactors can work miracles for your talent search, which is perhaps the most challenging aspect of bringing on a creative.

Contractors Are Much Easier To Onboard

It’s no secret that a prominent amount of creatives are hired on a contract basis.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2007, approximately 4 percent of the workforce was involved in some sort of gig (which is expected to have a dramatic increase for 2017). A significant contributor to that increase is the amount of creative jobs that have shifted to contract work, which SuccessFactors can help significantly with.

With SuccessFactors, you’re not only able to find the right candidate, but handle all logistical elements of their contract in one place. This includes updating them on the details of the agreement, as well as organizing and distributing any additional onboarding materials you might need, such as additional contracts or NDA’s. Plus, with how competitive it can be to land the best talent, having all of this ready to go will help you land contractors before they sign with anyone else.

Skill Levels Are Quantifiable

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of hiring a creative is putting their work into quantifiable terms that other folks in their department can understand. For example, if I’m looking at a photographer and want to know about their photo editing abilities, then one of the first things I need to be able to look at is not only the software they’ve used but for how long and to what skill level. However, with SuccessFactors, that becomes much more straightforward.

SuccessFactors allows you to put your potential employee’s talents into quantifiable terms, making it much more accessible to share profiles with others on your team, as well as with rank categorically your list for consideration. This helps find a happy medium on price point, saving you a tremendous amount on knowing you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

They Can Be Brought Up To Speed Much Quicker

As we stated above, one of the best features of SuccessFactors is being able to make the onboarding process much simpler. This is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of hiring, but one that helps a ton with retention. According to a survey published by The Society for Human Resources, 23 percent of respondents who left their job within the first six months reported that if they received clear guidelines to what their role was, then they probably would’ve stayed. Especially with creatives, take this into account as you look at SuccessFactors, as retention can save your company big time.

Personal Branding Is A Must

Finally, whether it be a contractor or full-time creative on your staff, SuccessFactors will be able to help you organize your efforts with them to maximize their contributions to your brand. According to Forbes, in a survey conducted by LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends, 59 percent of companies are putting more into their employer brand, which is a crucial element to help to bring in top-tier talent. And with SuccessFactors, you’re able to organize the candidates that can help you reach this goal with ease.

With so many great uses for SuccessFactors and hiring creatives, which one’s are your favorite? Comment with your answer below!

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