Africa is one of those places everyone wants to experience, but it usually remains a dream. Only hardened explorers have ventured there in the past. These days things are starting to change and it’s all because of the advancements in technology.

It won’t be long before African countries catch up with more popular hot spots around the world. Do you have any idea how new technology is going to make it possible? Let’s look at a few reasons why you might visit in the next few years.

1. It’s Easy To Market Your Business

How would you have found a Botswana luxury safari company in the past? You definitely would have needed to spend hours researching them. Now companies will be able to target customers all around the globe.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram will allow everyone to see what is available. The only way a business thrives is by finding customers. Technology will make it extremely easy for them.

2. Prices Keep Dropping All The Time

One of the biggest hurdles affecting people in the past was the costs involved. It’s not cheap to fly around the world to Africa. Thankfully, there is extra competition so the price of flights keep dropping.

The same thing applies to hotels too, which is all thanks to price comparison websites. Travel agents have been taken out of the equation, so a lack of commission for them means more attractive prices for you.

3. You Don’t Have To Be Scared To Visit

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to get lost in the Sahara Desert? Do you think lions and rhinos are roaming around every street corner? If you’ve never been to Africa you might be scared to go.

Technology will give you access to a lot more information, so you’ll know what it’s really like. There are some places you’ll need to stay away from, but you’ll know in advance where safe areas are.

4. An Explosion Of Popular Phone Apps

When you’re in a different part of the world you’ll still want to feel close to home. Luckily the Wi-Fi in Africa keeps improving every day. It means you’ll be able to use all your favorite apps.

If you need a place to stay you can look on Airbnb. Anyone who wants to travel somewhere can turn to Uber. African companies are even competing in the sharing economy with their own popular apps.

5. Lots Of New Jobs Are Being Created

Everyone knows the main attractions they want to see when they visit Africa. It’s usually because they don’t know anything about the less-known ones. When you can find them using Google everything changes.

If you want to experience different things it will create new jobs. It will also make it easier for Africans to start businesses in the travel industry. This would have been impossible without modern technology.

It Will Change African Tourism Forever

Maybe it’s going to take a few decades, but technology will change Africa forever. It will become richer and everyone who lives there will benefit from it. Hopefully it’s somewhere high up on your bucket list.

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